Tales From The Script

A podcast focused on front end web development, accessibility, performance and user experience mixed with a little bit of horror.

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    Demystifying A/B Testing

    On this episode, Ryan Burgess and I discuss the true meaning behind a/b testing and what that means to the user.

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    Perf Matters

    On this episode Jeremy and I talk about performance on the web, convincing stakeholders that performance matters, auditing experiences using lighthouse, and WebP.

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    JavaScript & Neurotech

    In this episode, Alex Castillo and I discuss the world of JavaScript and neurotech. This is a mind blowing episode, no pun intended, and if you were looking to get your feet wet in this area of front end technology. Give it a listen!

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    All About Mentoring

    In this episode, Nicki Rios and I discuss all of the great things about mentoring other developers in the industry and share outlets for finding others to mentor.

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    On this episode, Kyle Shevlin and I talk about interviewing for web and software jobs and the trials and tribulations that come along with them.

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    Thinking Outside the Jumbotron

    In this episode, my guest Rachel Krause and I talk about the pros and cons of using responsive front-end frameworks. Her and I cover the biggest of them all, Bootstrap, as well as Foundation and Shoelace.

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    The Art of Storytelling

    On this episode, Marcy Sutton and I talk about the importance of storytelling and how it relates to the Web field as wel as speaking at conferences.

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    Reliance on Frameworks

    On this episode, my guest Matt Rose and I discuss the problem between the industry and the reliance on frameworks to get the job done.

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